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Various qualities fruits is Banana. We are all acknowledge Banana. It is impossible that person who do not eat Banana. It contains strong tissue-forming ingredients such as vitamins, carbs and minerals. Bananas are a best source of calories. Here is a short note about magic benefits of the Banana.

Some of the Magic Benefits of the Banana

#1. Get rid of the problem of constipation

If you do not defecate every day or do not clean the stomach, various problems occur in the body. For this reason, the stomach should be cleaned in the morning. If someone has problems like ulcers and suffers from constipation, they can eat a banana every day as a rule. Insha’Allah you can get rid of this problem. However, it is not right to eat banana on an empty stomach

#2. Magical change

Recent research has shown that there is no substitute for this fruit to reduce fat as well as increase mental strength. So you should eat at least one banana every day. It will also control blood pressure, help with nervous weakness, depression, digestion and cleanse the stomach. As well as boosting immunity and keeping the brain healthy. Bananas work magic to quench hunger. Eating banana does not make you hungry for a long time. However, it is not right to eat banana on an empty stomach.

#3. Weight Loss

Many beneficial fruits are Banaba. There is a lot of fiber which slows digestion and keeps you full. One research found that the fruits of fiber which intake can reduce the risk of weight gain by up to 30%. To reduce your weight, you can eat one banana everyday.

#4. Effective in heart and heart disease

Banana is very effective in keeping heart patients and heart healthy and strong. Bananas contain high amounts of calcium and a small amount of salt. This high amount of calcium and a small amount of salt helps to keep the heart healthy by controlling high blood pressure. However, it is not right to eat banana on an empty stomach

#5. For pregnant mother and baby

Bananas are a very good source of energy. This is the time when a pregnant woman needs energy. So bananas can provide that energy for childbearing women. Because it can overcome her weakness as well as the healthy development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers who suffer from anemia can eat banana every day. Because it contains a lot of iron, which increases hemoglobin in the blood, eliminates anemia and maintains blood sugar balance. However, it is not right to eat banana on an empty stomach.

#6. For the baby

Banana is a delicious fruit that is the favorite fruit of everyone, big or small. Especially for the little ones. Bananas help in the full development of children’s bodies by making them healthy and strong. Their memory enhances energy and helps maintain the body’s hormonal balance. However, it is not right to eat banana on an empty stomach.

#7. Promote Bowel Health

We can not want to believe that Banana helps to promote bowel health. Bowel is one of the most important part in human life. We should to take care this element and become careful this health. If you can not take care, it make a big problem. A big time, banana is a fruit which helps to keep bowel health. Everyday we should empty our bowel so that there are no risk to create others disease. Some people may witness problems as they get aged. Habitual constipation, habitual coughs, heavy lifting, parturition and menopause can weaken your pelvic muscles and lead to

  • straining on the restroom
  • poor bowel control (incontinence).
#8. Increase Brain Power

Banana contain very much fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants, such as vitamin C. It keep fit both body and mind with increase brain power. In particular, Banana is an essential food for pregnant woman and child and also small child. It will help brain power.

#9. Banana For Skin Growth

Banana have a lot of vitamin-c, other antioxidants etc. which element is useful for skin. Many people use Face wash to reduce wrinkles, improve acne and moistures dry skin. We all many don’t know how to improve our skin. To keep screen nice and strong, you can eat banana everyday.

#10. Provides Energy

At present, in our society, lack of energy and will discuss one and another how to increase our energy. For these and everyone, banana can reduce your energy problem. So, to increase you energy and physical power, you should to eat banana every day.

#11. Sleeping pills

Recent studies have shown that bananas act as a sleeping pill. It contains a type of amino acid called tryptophan. Which helps people sleep. If one eats extra bananas, one will get sleep all day long. However, it is not right to eat banana on an empty stomach.

Also, without these benefits, more than benefits have a Banana. From child to old person is so benefited. So, Should to put of our eating list everyday.

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