BENEFITS OF CLAYS FOR HAIR : What happens to your hair if you apply the clay on it?

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Clay is renowned for sucking up impurities from the skin and scalp, resulting in cleaner pores and a healthier scalp. Clays are available in many different hues, from crimson to grey, as well as different textures ranging from coarse, fluffy, and delicate. White clay aids in oil removal without completely drying out. It has tiny grains and is fantastic for dry scalp. For people with oily scalp, green clay is the best option since it works better and absorbs more oil. The four clays that are most frequently used in construction are rhassoul clay, fuller’s earth, French pink clay, and bentonite clay.

Clay is a naturally occurring earth that may be found in a variety of materials, including volcanic ash, silt, soil, and rock. It is rich in mineral components. Varying clays have different chemical make-ups, however they are all usually absorbent, notably bentonite clay. This implies that those with dry or sensitive hair should exercise caution when using clays to clean their hair since they may cause too dry hair. For people with dry, brittle hair, kaolin clay is a suitable alternative because it has a less drying impact.

What happens to your hair if you apply the clay on it?

Water possesses both a negative and a positive charge, making it dipolar. Clay expands and has a larger surface area when water is added. Following this, the positive clay ions are drawn to and adsorb on to the negative ions, while the negative ions adhere to the positive side. This results in a potent activated paste that offers the hair a number of advantages.

Many chemical and physical reactions occur when Clay is put to hair. The positive and negative ions’ kills germs and removes toxins, clay’s elimination of oils helps in clarifying the hair, and the mineral components removes accumulated oils and products.

Benefits of Clays for hair
  1. Detoxification: The detoxification procedure employs the idea of “opposite charges attract” depending on the charge of the harmful chemical. If the dirt is positively charged, the negative charge of the clay will adsorb or attach to the positive charge of the toxin, causing them to bond and stick. Toxins that are “bonded” to the clay wash out along with it when the clay is removed.
  2. Clarifies hair: Clay’s absorption properties are responsible for this. The pores that are generated on the hair when clay dries and contracts suck up and trap oily buildup, clarifying the hair in the process.
  3. Balance pH level: Clays have the ability to maintain pH balance between hair and scalp. This helps in maintaining hair and retains moisture in them.
  4. Hair Growth: Clays provide moisturization and nourishment to hair and boosts blood circulation. They are also known to soothe and help clarify scalp. All these benefits lead to improved hair growth.

The primary advantages of including clay in your hair care routine are I detoxifying your hair (ii) removing dirt and extra oils that accumulate on your hair and scalp (iii), enhancing the moisture content of your scalp and hair strands), and (iv) increasing nutrient supply for the best possible hair growth.


Using natural clays in skincare products is a great way to achieve natural washing, scouring, and exfoliating that leads to healthier, more attractive skin, as long as they are acquired properly. Soaps made with clays are excellent for those with normal, dry, and mature skin types. Making your own soap at home may be done with different clays like pink clay, kaolin clay etc. You can also add a little clay to the shampoo base to get beneficial properties of these clays. Make sure you buy shampoo base which is genuine, additive-free, and comes from a reliable source.

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