ON AIR: 10 Tips to Stay Healthy During Long Flights

10 Tips to Stay Healthy During Long Flights

ORIGINALMULTIVERSE: Stay Healthy During Long Flights:- Being able to travel to different countries around the globe is a big dream to many people. And indeed, once it happens, you will surely feel beyond excited and ecstatic. It’s not really easy to make it happen, so the wonderful emotions you experience cannot be denied! Regardless of the long flights you have to take, the only thing you mind is how happy you will be because of your much-awaited trips! For sure, you will be sleepless because of how exhilarated you will be before the day of your departure.  

Speaking of long flights and sleeplessness, these two are inevitable in many cases of traveling abroad. Especially if the country of your destination is quite far from your home country, you can’t dodge the possibility or the need to experience long flights and sleeplessness. What’s more, besides the excitement, the fact of being on air and the difference in time zones will alter your body clock. 

With these factors, some travelers get sick or start to feel unwell whenever they are already on board. It’s difficult and sometimes risky, too. That’s why you should prepare yourself as much as possible because if you are not used to long air travel time, or if your body is just not a match with flights in general, you might feel ill. 

To help you, below are 10 tips to stay healthy during long flights. Pack them with you!

1 – Choose the right seat for you

When booking a flight, choose the right seat for you. If you have motion sickness, you have to consider which side of the plane is least affected by the movement of the plane. You may speak with the airlines and inquire regarding your concern prior to booking. They can assist you and help you secure the seat that suits best for you, especially if your health concern is  serious. Sitting near the wing is one of the ideal areas. 

2 – Eat healthy food, and don’t skip meals

Often, leisure trips make people think of bringing yummy and satisfying snacks, like it’s a trip to the cinema for a movie marathon. Most of the time, those foods are junk foods, such as chips, sweets and soft drinks. While it’s quite fun, it’s not really healthy, and if you are aiming for health during long flights, they are not the best picks.

Eat healthy food. Before the flight, fill your tummy with nice and nutritious food that’s just right, neither too light nor too heavy. During your long flight, of course, you have to eat. There are healthy options from airplane meals, too. Ask the flight attendants to know more about their available food selections. 

Let them know if you have any other particular medical concerns. If you are allergic to certain types or ingredients of food, it’s best to inform the attendants to offer you more appropriate choices. You would not want to suddenly suffer from terrible allergic reactions while on air. That’s going to be a problem. 

3 – Drink clean water

Hydrate yourself. Long flights are truly long, and you might get dehydrated and lose energy if you lack water consumption. Drink water to prevent jet lag. As much as possible, refuse to drink sweet refreshments and alcoholic drinks.

4 – Carry your vitamins and personal medications, if any

There are long flights that last for almost a day. There are those that last for just over 6 hours, yet that’s still longer than just a 2 to 3-hour flight. If you are hopping on a plane knowing that you will be sitting there for long hours, all your health essentials should be with you in your hand carry. 

Carry your vitamins and personal medications, if any. You cannot wait for the airplane to land on your destination before you look for a pharmacy to buy your vitamins and medicines. Furthermore, you will not be sure if what you are looking for can exactly be found in other countries. 

Drink your health supplements and medicines on time. If you have health issues that need those medicines, make sure you take them while on board. Do not put them inside your big luggage’s. Place them where you can easily get them, so when it’s time to drink, you can access them fast, and you will not forget your drinking schedule. 

6 – Wash your hands

Airplanes are used by many different people. The seat and the plane itself may be sanitized before and after every flight, but you still cannot be 100% sure sometimes. 

You sometimes hold a lot of things in the plane, like the chairs, the handles of doors, the food trays, the comfort room facilities and others. Those are things communally utilized by everyone in the same flight. 

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Big liquids are not allowed in airports and in flights. Know the permitted size, but also prioritize bringing a bundle of wet wipes because those are more allowable. In addition to that, you can use those wipes for many other purposes other than being hand sanitizers. They can be used to disinfect seatbelts, door handles and more. 

Do not forget to properly throw away the used wipes.

7 – Wear a face mask, if needed

Although many countries today no longer require face masks, of course, there are specific exceptions in some places, too. Still wearing of face masks during long flights is helpful as it defends passengers from the possibility of spreading and catching viruses that travels through the air.

If someone in the flight has a cold or a cough, you can protect yourself from getting sick, too, if you wear a face mask. It’s always best to be safe and sure now than sorry later. 

8 – Move around

Whenever possible, move around inside the airplane. Long flights stiffen the body because passengers are just seated most of the time. Prevent your body from suffering from stiffness and blood clots. Stand up, and walk around while not disturbing your fellow passengers. Before your trip, consider consulting your doctor about compression socks which can aid your blood to flow uninterruptedly during long flights.

9 – Dress comfortably

Think of your best OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day) later when you have landed on your destination for your luxury escapes. For your long flights, turn your eyes on comfort and convenience! Dress comfortably. In the first place, there will be nothing for you to do or to put on fancy clothes during your lengthy flight. 

Wear clothes that let you move and breathe without awkwardness and displeasure. Avoid tight outfits. Avoid fabrics that will make you feel itchy or that trigger some skin irritations. If you really cannot give up airport fashion, then be wise! Choose clothing that combines beauty and benefit in one fit! 

10 – Rest

You may be filled with excitement for your trip, but this long flight can be tiring, and your energy might decline when you already need it later after landing. Fuel yourself up. Prepare your mind and body for action. Do that by resting during your long flight. Sleep. Relax. Ease off. Stay healthy and collected. After your flight, it’s going to be showtime, for real. 



Long flights are no joke. No one can deny those people who sometimes feel unsound while traveling on air for long hours. 

If you are hopping on a plane and gliding through the air for quite a lot of hours, see to it that you get yourself ready, physically and mentally, too. Once you step inside, you must already be prepared. 

No matter how long the flight may be, you will get to your destination. Keep yourself strong and healthy. Stay calm, and relax during your trip. In that way, you can arrive feeling full of life and enthusiasm! Enjoy the rest of your trip happily and healthily! 

Guest Contributor: “Nicole Ann Pore”

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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